All About How Does Invisalign Treatment Work

Orthodontists are a great place to start if you're nervous about getting your teeth straightened. Invisalign is becoming more popular than braces. It will make it easier to decide if you understand the process before visiting an Invisalign provider in Highland.

Your specialist will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth to begin the procedure. Invisalign's main advantage is its ability to be computerized. To create a 3-D picture of your teeth, impressions will be taken.

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Your orthodontist will use these photos to help him create a treatment plan. This plan will show how long it should take. Your doctor will show you how your teeth will move during each phase of your treatment plan. With each checkup, your doctor will also compare your progress to the plan and adjust your treatment as necessary.

The treatment will use aligners made of soft and comfortable plastic. The plastic aligners are not as protruding as traditional braces. These aligners can be removed when you need them. You don't need to visit an orthodontist to remove braces. 

Your teeth will align gradually over time just like if you were wearing braces. These plastic aligners are also discreet so that you can smile and talk more freely while wearing them. You should visit the dentist as your teeth move towards their final positions. Regular check-ups will be required with your Invisalign treatment orthodontists in order to monitor your progress.