All About Raw Coconut Oil

Over the past few years coconut oil has become a very popular cooking oil. It's also used in many  countries as a primary source of fat. This plant-based fat has some properties that other cooking oils don’t.  You can get best plant-based raw coconut oil at affordable prices via for your good health.


raw coconut oil

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What is Raw Coconut Oil and how is it different from the regular one

Extraction method: Coconut kernels are dried and made into regular coconut oil. After the copra has been pressed, the extracted oil is refined and decolourized. The copra is then made edible, but it retains its natural value.  

Raw coconut oil, on the other hand, is obtained from fresh coconut milk using cold processing. 

Composition: Both  raw  coconut oil as well as regular oil have the same energy content. Normal coconut oil can contain trans-fat because it has been hydrogenated. It is high in medium-chain fats and has low levels of trans fatty acid.

Purity: Raw coconut oil is made from coconut milk and has a better taste and aroma than regular coconut oil. Raw  coconut oil is characterized by a tropical, coconut-like scent and taste. The normal oil has an artificial flavour and scent.