Asset Face Shield Protection for Doctors

The lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a challenge not only for Able Australia but also for the disabled sector. The health and safety of our volunteers, employees, customers, and families are and will remain our top priority.

As a result, our pursuit of PPE medical grade face shields has not waned in recent months. We have faced the challenge, through innovation and collaboration, to procure a variety of PPE including hundreds of thousands of masks, our large supply of hand sanitizers, and sewing kits for clothing.

The next PPE that we have worked tirelessly on and now we are very proud to present to you – face shield. The Face Shield project has been running for several months. We use the most modern 3D printers for frame production. 

Getting the final product took a lot of trial and error as we had to align the perforator with the frame to hold the shield in place and now we're ready for the complete system! The well-oiled production line includes 22 3D printing machines that make the faceplate frame. 

The droplets produced when sneezing, coughing, and talking are 5 µm, which is larger than would prevent from passing through the shielding filter. The other advantage is that this protective face shield has been tested to rule out the possibility of particles or droplets not escaping around the shield.