Awning Windows, A Brief Discussion

We will be discussing the awning windows, as well as its counterpart, the hopper window to give you the necessary information to make educated decisions on which windows will work best in each room of your house , based on your requirements and needs for the particular space.

A covering window is a type of window that is hinged at high (header) of the window. The hinge permits the sash(moving part of a window) to be pulled out typically 3-4 inches. There are many advantages and disadvantages to these windows, so let's look at the windows in a separate way.

Awning Windows

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Benefit #1 – View preservation balance and ventilation. In every frame, the eye is naturally drawn to the center of the opening, scene or. When you look at an opening, your eye tends to be at the middle of the window. 

Windows that are single-hung and have horizontal sliders block the view, with the mullion in the center that runs straight through to the midpoint of the sight line. This is one of the disadvantages of these windows which is why a lot of people opt for "fixed windows'' or picture windows. 

Benefit #2 – Security. Awning windows are only open for just a few inches, so even when they're locked, or opened, they are almost impossible to pass through with no breaking glass. You can also search online to get more information about awning windows.