Benefits Of Outdoor Patio Shades In Phoenix

So, you’re thinking about buying outdoor patio shades. Great choice! There are so many advantages to installing patio shades — even over other available shading solutions.

When considering patio shade benefits, remember the three Ps: protection, privacy, and preservation.


One main advantage of stylish retractable patio shade from is the protection they provide against the elements. The intense Arizona summer sun is beautiful, but its powerful UV rays can quickly become a hazard to you and your family, including pets. Our outdoor patio shades block up to 80% of UV rays, leaving your patio safe, cool and comfortable all day long.

Patio shades are also a great protectant against bugs and other creatures that could wander into your backyard. The shades will keep these pests from getting into your home or ruining your night outside.


It’s no secret that some of us have nosy neighbors. Even in your own backyard, wandering eyes from the house across the street or on the other side of the fence can make anyone nervous. Patio shades offer a barrier to keeping your business private. 

Enjoy a quiet book on your own or a lovely night outside with your family, or get rowdy with a group of friends on game night. Whatever you’re doing, your outdoor patio shades will make you and your guests feel much more comfortable.