Benefits of Wearing a Human Hair Wig

Effective for long term hair loss

Human hair wigs can be a significant outlay. This is because 100% human hair is in high demand and has a good reputation. Ethical manufacturers can expect to pay a premium on high quality, human hair. 

However, a good human hair wig can last 12 – 24 months if cared for properly. This means that human hair wigs are ideal for those experiencing long term hair loss that affects the entire scalp, i.e.  Alopecia totalis. If you are looking for more information about the hair extensions then you can visit this website –


Made to order for a better fit

Unlike ready-to-use synthetic wigs, real hair types can be made to order based on your head size. Making wigs out of human hair usually starts with a cast on the scalp and head. 

If you experience long-term hair loss, custom made human hair wigs can truly help you live a normal, happy, and fulfilling life – without the worries and stress of wig safety.

Realistic appearance thanks to special features

Obviously, a human hair wig is the closest thing to your natural hair. As you might expect, 100% human hair wigs react like your own hair; they absorb moisture; Color can be added or removed. 

Many custom made human hair wigs not only look very realistic, but also offer features that ready-made synthetic wigs don't. 

Stylish flexibility

Contrary to popular belief, traditional human hair wigs don't usually come in a particular cut style. They usually come "uncut" and the user selects the style they want, which only qualified wig specialists should cut. 

Since your hair is completely original, your style choices are the same as your natural hair. You can use heated equipment (according to the manufacturer's instructions) and maybe even go for a swim, provided you wash and prepare your wig.