Breast Augmentation: Rupturing And Revision Surgery

Silicone and saline breast implants are the two most important breast implants, although about 74% of the female population prefer silicone implants. Other populations have saline breast implants, depending on individual preferences. Basically, it's all a matter of personal choice about what feels good.

These are some of the beneficial aspects of augmentation surgery, but one bad effect that can occur with such a procedure is implant damage or leakage. This in turn requires a breast implant revision surgery.

breast revision

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Reason for Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is an operation that is performed to correct anything that has gone wrong or because of dissatisfaction with the original operation. 

This means that a damaged implant case is an obvious candidate for corrective surgery, including any case of dissatisfaction you may have with breast implants.

The patient may not be completely satisfied with the results or may wish to change the implant from silicone to saline or vice versa. If your breasts are out of balance, you may want to flatten them a little.

 In other cases, an implant fracture may require corrective surgery. All of these troubles leave someone looking for revision surgery.

It is possible to prevent many of these side effects, and to avoid the need for corrective surgery altogether, only by using the services of a competent plastic surgeon.