Details About BCA Protein Estimation Kit

The BCA Protein Assay is a sensitive colorimetric assay. It is compatible with detergent-soluble protein solutions. It mainly relies on two reactions. First, the Cu2+ ions are reduced by the peptide bonds within the protein sample in a temperature dependent process. The solution contains a proportion of Cu 2+. 

The next step of BCA protein estimation equipment is to combine two molecules of bicinchoninic Acid (BCA), with each Cu + ion. This creates a purple-colored product which strongly absorbs light at 562nm. It is linear for increasing protein levels between 0.02-2mg/ml. You can measure the absorption spectrum of a solution to determine how much protein is present.

Then compare it with solutions with known concentrations. The Bicinchoninic acid (BCA) Protein Assay can be used to quantify protein solutions in 1ml or micro-wells. It uses sensitive colorimetrics and is compatible with a wide range of non-ionic and ionic detergents. This protein estimation kit uses the Bicinchoninic Acid method. 

This method is highly sensitive and detergent-compatible. This kit has a sensitivity of 0.01 mg/ml. This kit comes with ready-to-use reagents and a protein standard as well as an easy to follow protocol. There are enough reagents to make 250 reaction tubes each of 2 ml. BCA Protein Assay Kit Simple method to quantify protein over a large range. 

It uses the reduction of Cu+2 and Cu+1 by Protein in an alkaline medium combination purple-colored result from the combination of Cu+1 and BCA Product that absorbs at 562nm. The amount of product to be formed will determine the final product The sample contains protein. The color response of individual proteins is different. This factor must be considered when preparing protein analyse.