Different Kinds Of Drink Glasses To Look For

You need a different kind of glass for each type of drink you serve. This is essential if you want your guests to be able to enjoy the proper drink etiquette. You should have several types of glasses when shopping for china or glassware for your cabinet. 

Drink glasses are used daily at the table. But there are also special glasses that can be used only for special occasions. That special person deserves fine glassware to enjoy the drinks with you. These are fine crystals that you use for special occasions. This type of glassware is not meant to be stored in the same kitchen cabinets as the rest. These are the types you should keep in your china cabinet. Glass is extremely fragile and easily broken. They can't be washed in a dishwasher and must be washed by hand.

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There are many types of wine glasses and coasters. However, you should only be concerned with four main types. Because thicker glass can affect the wine's taste, these glasses are usually made from fine glass. Red wine glasses are taller and wider so you can feel the full-bodied flavor of the wine.

Drink glasses are necessary if you enjoy liqueurs. These glasses are small and have a stem. They can hold between 1 to 4 ounces of liquid. This type of glass can be used without a stem. These glasses look great with sandstone Coasters.

Grappa glasses are one of the most unique glass types you can purchase. Grappa is an Italian alcoholic beverage. However, this glass can be used for any other drink. 

Margarita glasses have a bell-shaped bowl while those for martinis use a cone-shaped bowl. Both have footed stems which make them easier to hold. A glass without a stem is sometimes called a tumbler, a high-ball glass, and can be used to make any type of drink.