Distributed Solar Power Purchase Agreements in Australia

Among the most amazing advantages of having residential solar energy systems set up is that they supply electricity locally that lessens the price of the power and reduce other charges. You can clear all your doubts regarding solar power & PPA's and know what’s a power purchase agreement?.

The electricity that has to travel over long distances sheds electricity through the warmth in the transmission lines. Possessing residential solar energy systems can immediately power other houses in the area to keep energy generation in the neighborhood. 

Grid parity implies that solar energy power prices fall into a cost equivalent to or lower than the purchase price of the existing electric grid. 


Power purchase arrangements are just one improvement that's making this goal a reality. In such programs, the house owner basically rents the solar panel system also pays the server firm a monthly fee which is lower than their existing electricity cost.

Upfront prices drop dramatically from up to $3,000 or more, and the solar PPA programs are maintained by the firm. With electricity costs rising each month, a normal client can regain their investment in under two years or so. 

Thousands of houses, schools, and companies include solar panels of their own roofs and are using solar PPA programs. These programs can now be tracked online utilizing smart meter technologies.