Expat Guide to Singapore Work Visa

A Singapore-registered company can provide an Employment Pass (EP), which is the easiest way to obtain a long-term visa to Singapore. An EP is also known as the 'EP Pass'. The better the company, Your employer will take care of all the paperwork to get you a 2-year (maximum 5 ) EP.

Find out if your basic requirements are met before you apply for an employment work visa. It can take up to six weeks for the Singapore EP application process, which is relatively inexpensive. An employer can process the EP. You will therefore need to have a job in Singapore before you move to Singapore.


Keep track of all documents needed for the Singapore EP application. This includes copies of passport details and certificates of education. It may be handy to keep an electronic copy of these with you at all times.  

How do you apply for an employment pass in Singapore

You can apply for an employment permit in Singapore depending on whether you are an employee or employer.

You must first get a job offer from the employer if you are an employee. The employer will take care of all administrative matters. You will be asked by your employer for any documents you need, so make sure to prepare them in advance.