Facts That Will Help You Exterminate Termites

Termites can be complicated. They could remain hidden for decades. By the time you see the symptoms of harm to your house, it might be too late. They are small in size, needless to say, but this underground insect species jointly cost homeowners billions of dollars in damage.

The more you know about termites, the better educated you will be to invent a strategy for termite elimination. Of course, if you do not want to go through such a long process, you might hire a termite exterminator from https://readypestnc.com/termite-control-in-fuquay-varina/.

Some Facts About Termites

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Queen termites are long-lived

You probably already know that termites reside in big colonies underground. Queen termite colonies are divided into castes: workers, soldiers, warmers, and, in the pinnacle of termite society, kings and queens.

Queens may live around 50 years under perfect conditions and produce thousands of eggs within their lifetimes. For the removal of queen termites, you need the experience and appropriate tools.

Termite tunnels could be very, very long

Radiating out from underground termite colonies are tunnels toward food resources which could stretch as long as 100 yards. Termites afterward reach these food resources by building sand tubes.

Termites leave signals –if you understand what to search for

Mud tubes as well as the tell-tale honeycomb timber damage are both quite obvious signals of a termite infestation. Another potential indication of termites around your house is heaps of little droppings left behind by drywood termites.