Find the Best Kundan Jewellery Sets Online

Indian jewelery is considered a symbol of traditional beauty and opulence. Among the wide variety of designs and patterns of Indian jewelry, Kundan jewelery is known as the ideal image of skillful craftsmanship and matchless talent.

Origin of Kundan Jewelery

Kundan jewelery dates back to the early Mughal Empire. The art of making this magnificent ornament can be traced back to the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Heavy designs and intricate patterns done in semi-precious and precious stones became so popular in those days as it was mostly worn by royal families.

Even after many decades, the essence of Kundan Jewelery remains immaculate with the experienced craftsman bringing forth new designs and innovative ideas for complete makeovers. This jewelry is basically made of gold and silver as well as precious stones like emeralds, rubies, etc. You can also buy Kundan Jewellery Online via

The essence of Kundan jewelery lies in the way the stones are set on Kundan. Solid gold is rarely used as holes need to be cut throughout the process to properly place the gems or stones in Kundan. Some of the most precious stones inscribed in jewelery include topaz, sapphire, rock crystal, jade, garnet, and sapphire. However, the base material used for this ornament is known as lac, which is a liquid secretion. Then gold is used to cover the lacquer and the stones are pushed into the jewelry.

The Best choice for the Bride

Traditional Kundan jewelery is undoubtedly the most exquisite jewelery set that a bride can adorn in her life. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, this elegant set of jewelery can match any colorful bridal outfit. Jewelery includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and maang tilak.

Jewelery is classical masterpieces by the most dedicated Indian jewelers with intricate designs and precious gemstone-laying patterns. This Indian jewelery is one of the top priorities of Indian brides as it is the epitome of aesthetic values and royalty.

Kundan jewelery sets are a unique combination of contemporary styles and traditional designs which makes them even more attractive and attractive in the international markets. Known for exquisite craftsmanship, this jewelery undoubtedly adds a golden touch to the bride's attire.