Find The Perfect Pair of Pyjamas

Picking the perfect pair of best mens pyjama bottoms can be tough, so there’s a few key things you can remember when picking up a pair for the man in your life.\

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Firstly, consider what the male in question may be seeking from his pyjamas? Is it comfort, style, or warmth? These also require different styles, weights and cuts, so it is the most important question to ask.

Should it be a chilly time of year, why not consider going for a traditional long-sleeved, long leg pair of pyjamas? Flannel, fleece and cotton are popular material choices, and there are a myriad designs available – with everything from blue checks to pictures of Batman on, it all depends on the person’s personality.

If you’re buying for a style guru, perhaps think about going for a more sophisticated option – such as a pair of designer silk slacks, or a stylish dressing gown.

Silk is perfect for winter nights beside the fire, as it holds in heat without making the wearer sweaty. Stripes in muted tones are generally a good choice, and if you have a handsome budget to play with, consider popping into a couture shop to find that perfect pair.