Frost can Kills Plants Know How you can Protect them

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An unpredicted freeze can destroy your garden. While frosts during fall or spring can be deadly to your garden crops, you can still do a lot to prevent them. Just like humans, plants also need some additional care and supplies for the prevention from cold. Let’s take a look at how you can protect your green friends from frost.

Give them Water During Afternoons: Watering helps maintain the moisture of the soil that, in turn, assists the protection of your plants from cold. For the best results, water your plant before a cold snap. You can do that in the afternoons under a warm temperature.

Cover them with a Cloche: A bell-shaped cloche can keep your little plants warm and comfortable. The use of glass or plastic material prevents them from cold. For this, you can use a flower pot, bucket, or plastic milk jug and nestle it into the soil.

Add a Thick Mulch Layer: The mulch layer in the garden will prevent the soil from an immediate temperature change. Use leaf moulds, wood chips, straws, or heaps of leaves for insulating the roots. A 3-6 inches deep mulch works well with 2 inches of gap surrounding the middle stalk for the soil’s warmth to travel up the plant.

Use a Blanket: You can’t keep on mulching in a big garden. But you can use covers of bedsheets, drop clothes, blankets, or towels instead. Use stalks to create a tent-like structure. For additional frost resistance, you can add a final plastic layer on the top.

But if you have an outdoor plant hire professional by your side, you need to worry the least.