Get Involved in Animal Welfare

I will be the first to tell you that the state of animal treatment in the United States and the world is poor at best. There are just too many bad cases and troubling situations for one person or one group to deal with. You can also give urgent help to low-income pet owners via

That is absolutely correct. Nothing will change without a movement. Action by ordinary people on the grassroots level. We cannot depend on government bureaucracy and underpaid law enforcement officials to take the lead on animal welfare issues.

We can all start very small. Start by making sure your friends and family are taking proper care of their animals. I never understood why people would adopt a dog then stick it in a tiny pen on the far corner of the property.

Only to interact with the dog once a day to fill its bowl with food. We believe that pets are family! Both sides lose in these types of scenarios.

The people do not get the full benefit of quality time and play with an unconditionally loving pet. The pet is destined to live its life in cell purgatory, where it receives minimal social stimulation.

The next steps are donations, volunteering, and public awareness. Donate to your local animal shelter, Spay / Neuter organization, and the like.

These organizations are working hard every day in your community to improve animal life. The real beneficiaries of these organizations are people in the community.

Unfortunately, most of them do not receive government funding. They only depend on donations from people like you and me as well as occasional help.