Glassware Items Found in Bars

Barware is basically the equipment that one uses to mix and serve alcoholic drinks. Having this equipment makes the jobs of bartenders much easier.

Although there are countless numbers of barware that a bar uses, the top 5 glassware items that you WILL find in bars are, shot glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses, stemmed shot glassesand last but not least, the old-fashioned glasses. One may think, why use so many different glasses when at the end of the day, you are just drinking the liquid? That is because there is an art to mixing drinks and drinking them.

Shot glasses are normally really small glasses made of thick glass and it is used to hold around an ounce of concentrated liquor, tequila, or vodka. It can also be used for mixing drinks behind the bar. The reason why shot glasses are made of thick glasses is so that they can withstand the slamming of the glass on the table which usually happens after a person consumes the alcohol in a single gulp.

If the bartender serves shots in a champagne or wine glass, and the glass is slammed on the table, it is very likely that the glass will shatter into pieces. Champagne or wine glasses are not built to be slammed on bar counters.

Martini glasses, also known as cocktail glasses, have a stem on a flat base and a flat bowl with a wide brim on top. The reason why martini glasses are built that way is so that the glass can be held from the stem. Drinks served in these glasses do not use ice. So, holding the glass from the stem will not allow the drink's temperature to be affected by the person's body heat.