How to Choose a Healthy Cannabis Clone Online in California

If you’re interested in starting cannabis grow, the first decision to make is whether to grow from seed or clone. Though seeds are an excellent option for indoor grows, those with ample space and a mandatory grow period may fare better with clones for a few reasons.

First, clones omit the whole germination period which gives your plants an additional four to six weeks to bulk up, and second, you’ll know that only females are planted in your grow space.

When purchasing the best clones in LA from an online website it’s important to note clones are not mature plants, and often look rather scraggly in the shop. This doesn’t mean they will grow small, of course, just that they are young and in need of some loving if they are to thrive.

marijuana clones
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So, how do you know if the clones you’re looking at will grow into healthy plants when you get them home? Check for the following characteristics.

  • Strong, White Roots

Roots are a cannabis plant’s primary means of nutrient absorption and are vital to a plant’s stability and longevity. When choosing a clone, be sure that the roots are strong, white and eagerly protruding from the grow medium. If roots are brown and shrivelled, or otherwise appear inactive, put it back and look for a better one.

  • Fresh Growth
    After a cutting has established roots, it can begin putting more energy toward leaf production again. A strong, well-established clone should show visible signs of growth such as sturdy leaves and new growth at the nodes. The new leaves will be a bright green colour but may get darker as the leaves mature.
  • Solid Coloration

Though a slight yellowing of the leaves of an otherwise healthy plant is fine (and, in fact, a good indicator that the plant is ready for more nitrogen), too much discolouration can be a sign of stress or disease. When choosing a cannabis clone from a dispensary, make sure the cutting boasts the colours you want to see in your grow room.

  • Pest- and Stress-Free

Pests and other environmental stressors can make it difficult for a cannabis plant to thrive (not to mention the contamination it could bring into your garden which can be a nightmare to fend off). Prior to your purchase, carefully inspect each clone for signs of stress or infestation. There should be no bites taken from the leaves, no mites buzzing around the medium and no spotting on the leaves or stem at all.