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How to Choose Barbara Barry Lighting for Your Living Room?

A living room is one of the dynamic spaces in your home. It is the place where you place quality time with your family; attend your informal and formal guests. Moreover, this room is used for a variety of things, including hanging out and lounging, entertaining your friends and family, and relaxing by watching TV and reading a book. You can make your living room more functional and attractive by installing Barbara Barry lighting.

About Lighting:

The best living room lighting arrangements are created by combining three different types of light: task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. Each kind of lighting is used for another activity. Your living room will be properly illuminated to meet any look by layering these three lighting styles together.

  1. Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lightings are known as general lighting. It is a layer of illumination that helps to fill your entire room. This type of lighting is used for searching for lost remotes, playing board games, safely avoiding furniture when you are walking around your room, and for social activities such as entertaining games. Moreover, ambient lights also help to offset the brightness from the computer screens, task lights, and TV in order to avoid the shadow and glare, and it also eases the strain on the eyes.

Examples for Ambient Lighting:

The most obvious choice for this kind of lighting is strategically placed ambient floor lamps & table lamps. The most effective and attractive way to add ambient lighting in your living room is with ceiling lighting. A semi-flush and flush mount ceiling lights are centered in the room that will cast diffused lights evenly throughout the space. A large decorative pendant and chandelier light functions the same as a close-to-ceiling fixture. It will also add a design and compelling statement as long as the room has the ceiling height to accommodate it.

Add Style in Your Living Room:

Ambient lights help to set a mood in your living room. You can also control it with a dimmer switch rather than a standard on/off switch. It will allow for the intensity of the light to be easily changed from generous, bright light for a social gathering to low, subtle light for watching TV and lounging.

  1. Task Lighting:

Task lights are directional and bright lights that are used to perform a specific task such as reading. Task lighting is used to reduce eye strain and focus. Furthermore, this type of light is localized and only used occasionally.

Examples for Task Lighting:

Floor lamps and table lamps with adjustable heads are the perfect fixtures for the task lighting. For optimum performance, a reading table lamp should be positioned next to your lounge chair and sofa to cast light directly.

  1. Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is the final layer of light that is required for your living room. It serves two purposes like adding visual interest and drama to your combats and room, and this kind of lighting highlights your pictures on the walls and artwork.

Examples for Accent Lighting:

Floor lamps and table lamps are perfect for the accent lighting in your living room.


Parting Words:

From this article, you will learn how to style up your living room with Barbara Barry lighting.