How to Pick a Good Professional Resume Services

If you are considering using a professional resume service … we need to talk. Some professional resume services are very good, and others are not worth the money. So, how do you distinguish it – before you get stuck?

Well, the best professional resume service has some characteristic quality which results in their resume consistently standing and shoulders above the competition. You can search for keyword-optimized resumes from various web sources.

As a former professional resume writer itself, I can tell you that the following makes a difference.

1 – Author certification. Writing resumes are not brain surgery, but it is a skill and art that requires time and learn to understand. Professional resume services that employ authors who are certified in their crafts indicate that they get it.

2 – Personal consultation. The best way for professional resume writers to get to know you – nuances of your work history, your goal, the talent you bring to the table – is to do a personal consultation with you by telephone. Fill out an e-mail or online questionnaire is fine to collect routine background information, but telephone interviews allow the author to attract your unique qualifications.

3 – Work together on revisions. There is no job seeker that must be left in trouble after receiving his resume back from a professional writer. Better services will develop a draft copy of the resume, and request your feedback before the final copy is served. Insist on the ability to edit resumes with your satisfaction.

4 – Warranty. The guarantee of the resume service can take a number of forms, from guarantee satisfaction with the interview guarantee. Some rare will even offer your money back if the resume does not produce interviews. The more warranty seems generous, the more likely you will face fine molds that need to be read carefully.