How To Prepare For ASVAB Word Knowledge Questions?

Most of the ASVAB questions in the Knowledge of Words chapter contain synonyms. You are given a word and must choose from a list of four variants of the word which is the closest to that word.

Another popular structure is not only synonymous with the ASVAB problem, but also the use of contextual clues. In ASVAB word knowledge practice test questions at can help you learn more about the final military exam, the word is usually placed in the context of the sentence. 

If you think a word is unusual or difficult, you can use another word in the sentence as a hint. The sentence contains two words related to cats, namely purring and scratching. These two words are examples of semantic cues. 

Other types of contextual cues are textual or syntactic arrangements, identical or repetitive contextual cues, important contextual cues, contextual cues for definition, antonym or contrasting contextual cues, exemplary contextual cues, and the general meaning of contextual cues.

The best preparation for ASVAB questions in the Knowledge of Words category is to enrich a person's vocabulary. However, the preparation is not as simple as a walk in the park. Strategic ways to learn words are highly recommended. 

You can use any book to create a dictionary. Ten new words a day will be a big step in developing your vocabulary. Learn root suffixes, words, and prefixes. Learning words with the appropriate synonyms and antonyms is also very useful.