Ideas For the Ceiling Design In Australia

No matter whether walls are decorated with wallpaper, wood, or paint, each room has its fifth element – the ceiling. Ceilings don't always have to be white, you can use creativity for your ceiling as well. 

You can use the following ideas:

1. Paneling with Wood Strips

Ceiling panels are brand new in design. However, wooden panels are quite a recent trend! Using other lumber and structures would help to solve the old-fashioned pine-paneling of the eighties. If you are looking for beautiful ceilings, then you can get the complex ceiling installations services easily.

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2. Exposed Wooden Structures

In this case, creativity literary goes up to the ceiling. The exposed wooden structures, coming out of the black paint, look particularly well, and the room looks very high. The ceiling, painted under the molding, will significantly widen the space visually.

3. Concrete Ceiling

Do you like industrial style, but without cold concrete floor and walls? Then you can try it with a ceiling. You can make it concrete by either simply exposing an existing building material, or by using the applied concrete plaster.

4. Canopy Ceiling

You can create an exciting ceiling design even with a few pieces of fabric. There are many companies that provide this type of ceiling installation.