IPad Mini Tips and Tricks

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Best Apple iPad tips and tricks - Pocket-lint

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Dictation Keyboard: – If you are tired of eavesdropping on the virtual keyboard of iPad mini, you can dictate words too. However, it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Microphone buttons will appear on the bottom row of the virtual keyboard. 

Tap the microphone button and say hands-free with iPad Mini. Speak slowly and clearly for the best results. The file is then transferred to Apple servers and translated into Siri style.

Background tip: For the perfect mini wallpaper for iPad, your original image must be 1024 x 768 pixels and have the same resolution as the tablet screen. To keep the icons on the home screen alive, you may want to darken or brighten the background image so that your tablet's home screen doesn't appear too busy. 

For Photoshop fans, we recommend applying a translucent black and white layer with an opacity of 10 to 30% to the image. Sync pictures with iTunes to transfer them to your iPad.

To set a password: – iPad mini doesn't have many security measures out of the box. However, you can set a password that requires a four-digit passcode to be entered whenever the device is locked or after the iPad has been inactive for a long time. 

Time (up to four hours). When you click Settings on the front of the app, you can set it from 1 minute to 4 hours. You can also set the iPad to be completely formatted after 10 incorrect password entries. This option can be found in Settings> General under Password Lock.