Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance and Water Conserving Technology

Lawn sprinkler maintenance makes sure your lawn gets better and more precise watering. 

Pressure is the first thing you need to check during lawn sprinkler maintenance. This is a common issue with sprinkler systems. The pressure that water comes out of your sprinklers is crucial. Without the right pressure, your sprinklers won't be able to perform their job. 

How do you determine if your water pressure is correct? Take a look at your lawn. Large brown spots on your lawn could indicate that the sprinkler has not been able to reach these areas. Your sprinkler heads and nozzles may be damaged because your pressure is too high. You can also examine more about lawn sprinklers through TwilightSolutions

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A sprinkler professional or landscape specialist may be needed to inspect the sprinkler heads for any pressure problems. An expert will assess your sprinkler system and recommend whether you need pressure-reducing valves or heads. If they are unable to replace your current heads, they may be able to add new nozzles.

You should also ensure that your sprinkler heads remain clean, meaning they are free of dirt and grass clippings. The sprinkler head's movement and performance may be affected by dirt on the heads. 

To clean dirt off the heads, remove them and flush it with water. To check for any other problems, you can test your sprinklers. This should be done at least once a year.

Every year, test the water coverage of your sprinkler system. Place five containers with straight sides around your lawn to test the water coverage. 

At the same time, turn on the sprinklers. After a while, switch off the sprinklers and take a look at the water levels in each container.

Maintenance is the key to ensuring your lawn sprinkler system lasts a lifetime.