Learn Quranic Essence And Read It From The Eyes Of Heart

For some people, it's simply the Arabic language, for others it is actually the divine light. Yes, Quran is the method of spending our lives but to know the heart and essence of the Quran you must open up the eyes of the heart.

We all see from our mind eyes, but it is not just the eyes that make us see eyes can only make us see if we see in the light. You learn Quran for kids through quranuniversity if required.

If there's not any light no matter how great your eyesight is that you can't see. Similarly, for the heart, there's a divine light (Noor), if there is absolutely no divine light the heart cannot see as well.

Which are the eyes of the heart? It's a really interesting discussion, before describing it we must want to understand an idea.

Following the advice of the Quran makes our heart full of Noor, we could only understand the Quran if our perception is appropriate. The dangerous thing is that if we do not stick to the gist of the Quran and still read it, at times it can backfire.

Yes, that is harsh to say but it's a bitter fact that sometimes reciting Quran is a means of Lanat (the anger of Allah Ta'ala). These ayats (verses) reveal how sometimes reciting Quran becomes the motive of Allah's anger.

Allah Ta'ala says"Beware, the curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers" and he exposes himself to the warning because of his wrongdoings." If a person is a wrongdoer, does not make him still recites the above-mentioned verse, he asking for trouble.

The aforementioned verses weren't to discourage people, but we seriously need to give ourselves a thought process. We will need to learn Quran and understand the character it.