Paracord Knots Worth Knowing How To Tie?

Learning the proper way to knot using a paracord is essential to get the most value from your paracord accessories that include an accessory belt, bracelet or lanyard, or another paracord-related creation.

You can purchase top paracord hardware for different purposes. Since different knots are used for different paracord applications, from attaching multiple poles to tying rescue ropes, it is important to know how to tie these paracord knots so that the strength and durability of the paracord will work as intended.

Half hitch:- One of the most useful knots you need to know and the easiest to tie is the half hook. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to tie your paracord to a strong attachment point such as a tree or truck, a half hitch is a perfect knot. Half-couplings have the advantage of being able to grip the fastening points more firmly when the cable pull is tighter. More parts can be added to the first one to make the knot stronger.

Square knot:- The square knot is the ideal knot for tying two separate pieces of paracord together. The reason for this is to make longer cables to accomplish certain tasks. For example, if you are wearing two paracord bracelets, you can loosen the paracord from each and tie them in a square knot. The square knot is easy to tie. Better yet, it's very secure but also easy to remove when no longer needed.