Real Estate Development – Applying For a Property Development Permit!

The development permit is one of the keys to a successful real estate development project. Problems getting a permit approved can cause major delays and result in increases in holding costs. 

We like to do everything possible to ensure in advance that our development application will be approved smoothly and quickly. You can also search the web to hire the best property adviser group.

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Depending on the complexity of the project, our real estate development consultant team usually consists of:

– Property Accountant

– Property Lawyer

– Architect

– Town/Land Planner

– Civil/Hydraulics/Structural Engineer

– Land Surveyor

Other possible team members, such as acoustic and traffic specialists, may also be required by the Local Authority to submit a detailed report with the Development Permit Application.

The Local Authority will assess the submitted Development Permit Application for its impact on the neighbors, local community, and the environment, typically including:

– Privacy for neighbors

– Traffic generation

– Overshadowing of neighboursAdverse impacts on air, water, and noise levels

After a Development Permit Application is lodged with the local consenting authority or Council it would typically follow something similar to the process below:

– Initial Review

– Expert Referral

– Advertising and Notification Period

– Assessment

– Outcome

Several factors can delay the development application consent process which can end up becoming costly to a property developer. Here are some of the most common assessment delays:

– insufficient information

– non-compliance with development rules

– poor designs creating an unacceptable impact on the neighborhood

– objections from neighbors or other groups

It's not necessarily the end of the process if Council has refused the development permit application. An experienced architect and planning consultant can greatly assist in challenging a planning decision.