Sewing Machine Reviews on Grandma’s Sewing Machine

Do you need sewing machine reviews so that you can choose the sewing machine that is ideal for your needs? This is very important to consider since choosing the right sewing machine for your projects will definitely make a big difference. So where do you find the best information about this? It is simple. Search on the internet and read a few of the reviews about the most popular sewing machine brands in the market as seen on

Singer 8001 Review. This is the most popular domestic sewing machine that is made by Singer Inc. This is a good choice for ordinary home users who are looking for a reliable but less expensive machine to meet their stitching needs. You can thread, do embroidery and quilting, embroidery a blanket, stitch a variety of fabrics, and much more with Singer 8001/8001 series. Singer 80 XX/X series boasts a sleek and compact look that gives an outstanding effect to the sleek and sophisticated look, this machine also has an amazing 600 stitches which includes five alphanumeric font styles plus thirteen fully automated buttonholes.

Singer 8001 Monogramming Machine. The Singer monogramming machine allows the user to create a wide range of embroidered patterns with just one-step buttonholes, one can create custom logos, name initials, or create a quilting pattern from simple to complex stitches. This feature enables the machine to sew the initials, names and symbols into the fabric. Once the initials are finished, all you have to do is click the one-step buttonholes and let the machine sew them. The embroidered fabric can be used for several other types of quilting or sewing projects.

Singer 80-X Series. The eighty-series features a great eight-page function menu with an astounding sixty-two stitches including fifty half-inch buttons. The embroidery functions include reverse, up and down, and rotate stitches with the use of a forward and backward direction. The machine features an incredible sixty-two step repeatability and an outstanding ninety percent completion rate. The threading capacity is one point two inches, which is perfect for both quilting and sewing jobs. It has a neat and clean look that makes it appropriate for any modern decor.

Bissell Avanti Portable Sewing Machine. Like its eighty series brother the Bissell Avanti Plus, the Portable Sewing Machine comes with an impressive but not too overwhelming user interface. This is because the user interface is very simple and straightforward and easy to navigate through. This is perfect for those who want to start sewing but are worried about their inexperience and lack of stitches in a wide range of sizes.

The Avanti Plus Sewing Machine also features an impressive eight-page function menu and sixty-two stitches including fifty half-inch buttons. It is equipped with a powerful motor which delivers powerful, smooth sewing speed and accurate results. It comes with an impressive sixty-two step repeatability and an outstanding ninety percent completion rate. For beginners and those at ease with minor adjustments this is an ideal machine for quilting and sewing. The price however is on the high side and is priced at about four hundred dollars, which includes accessories like the forty-eight hour battery.

Brother Industrial Heavy Duty Sewing Machines. Like the Bissell Avanti Plus, the Brother Industrial Sewing Machines also comes with an attractive but simple and easy to use user interface. This is because all controls are found on the front panel and the machine easily switches from needles to buttonholes without any need for physical access to the bobbin case. In addition to being easy to operate, the hi-tech motor gives the superb machine speeds and accuracy.