Surprising Things You Can Do With Coreless 650 Paracord

Coreless 650 paracord is a type of 650 paracord that has the inner strands removed. This makes it thinner and stronger than regular 550 cord, but it does have less of the knot-making spaghetti. 

You can hop over to this website to purchase colorless paracord online at a very affordable budget. Coreless 5650 paracord is the perfect material for a variety of applications. Here are three surprising things you can do with coreless 650 paracord:

Make a Keychain: You can make a simple keychain out of a coreless 650 paracord by tying a knot in the cord and cutting off the excess. This keychain is easy to carry and can be used for emergencies.

Creating a Tie-Dye Tote Bag: Tie-dyeing is a fun art form that can be done using any type of fabric, but the coreless 550 paracord is perfect for this project because it is lightweight and has a lot of stretch. 

To make a tie-dye tote bag, first cut the cord into desired lengths, and then tie each end together in a knot. It is important to use enough cord so that the knots do not show through the fabric.

Make a shoelace replacement: If your shoelaces have gone missing or if they have become worn out, you can use a coreless 550 paracord to make a replacement. 

Simply cut the desired length of coreless 650 paracord and tie one end around the laces on the shoe opposite of the knot. Make sure that the loop is big enough so that it will not come undone while you are walking.

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