Steps to Creating an Explainer Video That Works

You are ready to make an explainer video for your business for online marketing purposes – a video that explains precisely what your business does, how it does it, and the products and services your business provides. The challenge you face is that you are not really sure where to start. Follow these steps to make your explainer video and video that works to improve the conversion rate for your business.

Step # 1 Survey Your Client 

Before you can create a superb explainer video, you first have to figure out what kind of problems your prospects and clients are facing. Survey prospects and clients to find answers to your questions. Once you find the top issues and problems your audience members are experiencing, you can then move on to writing a script that addresses these issues. You can also get help from checking out the top 10 explainer videos through


Step # 2 Write Stellar Script

The visual portion of the video supports the script. This makes the script the most important part of putting together your explainer video. It is the message in the script that is going to boost conversion rates. The animated video itself is the support information that helps to illustrate what the message is. Use the primary issues and problems you found with your survey to create an outline for the script. Once you have an outline, then start filling in the details until you have the script written out in long form.

Step # 3: Search for Someone to Voiceover

Once you have your script in the final version, you need someone to read the script. Find someone who can do the voiceover for the video so that speech and visual parts of the video can be put together. Professionals who do voiceovers are likely to have an agent. You can find someone else for voiceover work on freelancer websites, online classified ads, and through online searches.