Can you get arch support from flip flops?

Foot supports are frequently used to treat numerous foot conditions. The actual scientific data is they are in general effective and that they work more often than not to help people with a range of different foot conditions. Regardless of that success there are lots of people and health professionals that do not recommend foot orthotics, occasionally looking at them as crutches and to be avoided as people may become dependant on them. Because of this they advocate against them and propose options. There are numerous of choices that may be attempted if an well informed selection is made by each individual in regards to what is best for them. One choice is muscle strengthening. The muscles that support the arch of the foot may be strengthened and reconditioned to support the arch. The only problem with this method is that it will not be something which will probably occur in the short term and it is much more of a long term option. This is usually a concern if there is a lot of pain existing and a short term remedy is necessary.

One more option is with flip flops which have the arch support included in them. There are actually multiple brands available on the market with the Archies Arch Support Thongs being one of the most well known. They are called “thongs” because that is what they call flip flops in Australia which is where these are sold. There are quite a few jokes about this language variation. The Archie thongs  features a 2.2 centimetre arch constructed into them which is fairly similar to what you get in many pre-fabricated foot supports. These are proving to be very well liked with podiatrists in Australia with many podiatry clinics marketing them. This is an option which is in keeping with people who prefer to use that kind of footwear as a lifestyle choice as foot supports will reduce the range of shoes which can be used.

Have you tried the Archie Flip Flops?

Foot orthotics are a widely used treatment for a number of foot and leg dysfunctional problems. They are designed and used to fix structural and functional issues. All of the scientific evidence is that they are likely to be very effective and the patient satisfaction type evidence shows that they are well accepted by those that use them. That does not imply that they don't have issues. They certainly do have problems. They are able to only be used in a shoe that has the space for them to fit into. This means that they can not be used in certain kinds of sports shoes and some footwear used in particular jobs. Also, in some climates closed in shoes are not too common due to the temperatures. Some individuals just have a philosophical opposition to foot supports because they see them to be unnatural and as crutches that ought to not be used.

While foot supports are pretty straight forward and can easily be designed to work in the short to medium term you will find solutions if users desire to follow that option. Exercise therapy is one alternative and muscle strength could be improved and used as an alternative. On the other hand, this tends to take several months to work and it may be a wise decision to use foot supports in the beginning as they can help get some good improvement almost right away. If shoes are the problem and it is not possible for financial, work-related, sporting or lifestyle reasons to change the footwear, there are choices like the Archie Flip Flops which come from Australia and have a decent volume of arch support constructed in. There are other kinds of footwear like these which do have support integrated, however the amount is quite smaller compared to the Archies and might not necessarily do much good. As always it is best to speak to your podiatrist as to what they think is the better choice for you.