Hire an Image Consultant

A stylish is often someone who had a "passion" for fashion, talent, or skill in creating a "view". This does not mean that this person has been formally trained in all aspects of your physical appearance. Most stylists will charge you on an hourly rate. You can choose image consultant in NYC via https://akoapp.com/home/filter/image-consultant-in-new-york

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Image consultants, more specifically, is Certified Image Consultant is someone who has been through education that will equip them to create the "look" you want in addition to helping you develop a "personal brand" image.

 Most Image Consultants, particularly Certified Image Consultants will collect in a number of different ways (hours, days, or packet level). Services may include color analysis, closet audit, style analysis, education, shopping, personal branding, etc.

Approach your partnership with stylist consultant/image as you would any other contractor and do your research:

1. Interview at least 3 people

2. Are they willing to meet with you prior to working with you?

3. Is there a synergy between you and Stylist / Consultant?

4. Do Stylist / Consultant really understand your needs?

5. Do you want a plan of action?

6. Are you looking for a "personal shopper"?

7. Do you know the "why" you want to get involved Stylist / Consultant?

8. What is your time frame?

Working with Consultants Stylist/images can and should be a great experience. Secondly, stylist and certified image consultants add value to your life. The experience of working with both should begin a partnership that opens your eyes to the great potential and possibilities within you.