How Does IFS Work With Our Parts?

The internal family system recognizes that each of us has a spiritual center, a real Self. This Self is naturally kind and curious about people, and particularly our parts.

The Self wants to relate to each party and to know and understand. The Self feels compassion for the pain of exile and also the burdens that lead protectors to act as they do. To know more information about internal family systems therapy, you can visit

internal family systems therapy

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The Self is the healing agent. The IFS therapist or club leader will be the coach of the Self in the way of relating to the parties, but the Self is the true master of the inner system and can love and care for each game, so you liberate extreme feelings and behaviors.

Then the Self chooses some to focus on. For example, look at the bill, which has a protective law which is judgment and competition. This bill is distressing because he believes in being cooperative and accepting and inclusive, and to some extent it is.

But her protector judgment in situations where cultures Bill feels threatened. Often it can hide his judgments, but sometimes leak and cause problems.

Bill began his work with IFS focusing on his judgmental part. It was not easy for the bill to be so because he felt disgusted with the judgmental part for not living his ideals. However, with a little work, it could be really into his car so he was interested in getting to know the judgmental part.