The Many Varieties of Wood House Plans and Architectural Style

The type of residential architecture borrows the styles that were originated in the world. Some of the architectural designs were first seen in the United States and they include ranch-style wood homes and Cape Cod-style which become very popular. 

To think about the “planning and construction in Oslo”(which is also known as "planlegging og bygging i Oslo” in the Norwegian language) to build an ideal wood home for you and your family, here's a glance at some of the most popular architectural styles.

Cape Cod

This is a style that has been developed for harsh winters. Features of this style include pitched wood roofs that allow for easy removal of snow, a central fireplace, and unique design in history. Now many modern touches include things like garages in the rear wood windows and attics.


Colonial house plans are available in a wide variety of sub-categories such as German Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and French colonial. Each subcategory has its characteristics. These include a stack at both ends of the wood house, square rooms on each level, barn or hipped roof, and a generally rectangular shape.


These home plans have features such as designs that are asymmetrical, wide-open spaces, rooflines that are spectacular and huge swaths of the windows.


The Craftsman style home is a type of bungalow style. They have the wood trim for decoration, porches that wrap around the house, the roof rafters are exposed and roofs that are low pitched and gabled.

Why are regenerated wood floors considered environmentally friendly?

Because this wood is thrown into landfills, it is usually remade and is considered a very sustainable source. A great aspect of this process is that products that must be discarded first experience new life as reused products, and this is truly an extraordinary environmental aspect. 

You can look for the wood architecture at this website for making your home renovated with regenerated wood. With the growing popularity of the recycled wood flooring option, fewer trees are being cut down to meet the needs of today's homeowner floors. 

Recycled wood that can be used usually has better quality than the new wood currently sold. Because hardwood has traditionally come from old forests, the quality of this wood is usually better than forests that are currently being sold. 

The longer the tree grows, the stronger the wood produced. This makes this floor a very durable choice. The use of hardwood often causes deforestation and little is done to refill distant trees.

The waste wood was a viable choice for hardwood floors. If you are planning a new home with wooden floors or upgrading for a floor for your existing home, don't forget to keep regenerated hardwood floors at the top of your list!