How To Install A Tin Roof In Montreal

Tin sheets are normally cheap thus affordable for many people. However, they are cheap and easy to lay, they last for a very long time with others lasting decades.

To install the roof you need gloves, measuring tape, utility knife, staple gun, washers, hammer, electric screwdriver, roofing felt, and many other things. There are so many companies like Metal Roof Montreal that provide better information about tin roofing.

Tin Roof

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Once you have these things, you should choose the type of tin roof. There are two main types you can choose from: an R-panel or V-crimp style.

The difference between the two is that an R-panel requires you to use a 5/16 inch lap screw, while a V-cramp does not have a screw. You need to consult your roofer to make a decision. You can also decide based on your budget.

After making the decision you should measure the length and width of your roof so that you can determine the amount of edge required.

When taking measurements you should add two to four inches for the overhang. If you need to save rainwater, you should put a slightly larger overhang on the door.

You should remove all your old shingles before installing the tin roof. Once you remove all the old shingles, you should now place the first piece of the tin roof.

Once the first sheet is in place, you should add the second sheet. To prevent leaks you should ensure that the second sheet overlaps the first sheet.

You should continue adding panels until you have completed the first line. When you reach the last panel, you should cut it to fit the edge using a saw.