Getting to Know Pool Covers

Pool covers are necessities for any pool owner. Not only does it keep your pool clean, but it also keeps children and pets safe from the pool. You can't use just any other material that is large enough to cover your swimming pools. A real swimming pool cover is fashioned in a way that gives optimum protection for your pool. It has different types of automatic pool covers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

Security swimming pool cover - RETINTEX - Favaretti - winter grommeted

1. Net Covers

Imagine the net that is used to catch circus performers in high wire acts in case they fall; that's what a net cover looks like. It also functions the same way; they prevent people from plummeting to the ground or into the pool. Children also will not mistake this for a solid surface so they won't even dare go on it.

Though it does a perfectly good job in preventing children or pets from accidentally falling into the pool, it does not, however, prevent most dirt and debris from getting into the pool.

2. Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are like extremely fine nets. It will catch most debris such as small rocks and dried leaves. Water, however, can still easily pass through it. It cannot catch microscopic dirt particles and microorganisms.

Nevertheless, it still does a good job in keeping larger debris out of the water thus preventing filters from getting clogged and making it easier to clean the pool. It may be a good idea to use net covers with mesh covers as an additional safety precaution.

Swimming Pool Cover – Protection for Your Pool

Swimming pools may absolutely add greater value to your house. These pools could be dangerous if not properly maintained. The best way to safeguard your investment is to regularly make use of a swimming pool cap to keep it safe and energy-efficient. To know about automatic pool covers and reel systems you can make an online search.


It's the criticism for many swimming pool owners that it will take a good deal of effort to maintain their pools. Proper care is a requirement of preventing the bacteria from thriving from the pool.

swimming pool covers

To stop the bacteria from spreading in the pool, the swimming pool needs to be covered. An uncovered pool is going to come in contact with the sun. This results in the loss of the chemicals in the water. 

Cleaning a pool full of leaves and debris is very expensive and time-consuming. A swimming pool cover will also prevent leaves and other things from going into the pool. To lessen the costs of maintenance, it's strongly suggested to make use of a swimming pool cap.


For families with young kids, another major concern is safety. To provide safety, there are two devices that can help protect the children from unintentional drowning. All these due to solid covers and mesh covers.

Solid covers are among the most popular covers to your own pool. The problem with this form of cover is that precipitation can be collected on top of it. As a solution, a water pump could be required to prevent the water from getting collected.

On the other hand, mesh covers are the second form of apparatus you can use to secure your pool. This sort is intended for long term utilization. Mesh covers are made from light substances plus it allows the precipitation to fall through. Such a cover is used all year long.


Swimming pool covers will be your very best tools to safeguard your pool. It can lower the chance of accidental drowning and will make the maintenance of your pool easy and simple.