Why Linux Mint Is Better Than Windows?

You’re on a quest to find the most legendary Linux distro out there? Luckily there is an operating system that'll provide you the leverage to beat the worst (unstable) and biggest(unsecured) bosses(Windows 10) to achieve your grandest masterplan of being on top of your game. Yet, your choices of weapon are simply limited because you lack the necessary experience to wield and harness the potential of the distribution you desire. Well, don’t worry! Everyone has their starting point, and we have the best and reputed Linux operating system we can proudly recommend that is attested by the Linux community itself. Here is our Linux Mint guide just for you, lone adventurer!

Linux Mint

If you hear Linux, comes the Mint, it indeed became the pseudo 'flagship' in luring users and embracing the diversity of the Linux Universe. It's not necessary only for beginners but also for experienced Linux users as well, after all, Linux strives to have the best compatibility for everyone's daily computing lifestyle. And Linux Mint is your best bet for having your best user-friendly interface to rely on, an Ubuntu-based distro, and have an active-driven community to help you navigate throughout the whole installation process. If you are interested in trying Linux Mint out, you can install it with the help of the http://rufus.ie/, which can be downloaded from Rufus.

It uses a Cinnamon desktop environment, imitating the look and feels of a Windows system, simply perfect for Windows refugees out there, courtesy of the development team who's behind the creation itself. The aesthetics and layout display are designed to make new users feel familiar and at home starting from the menu, designated applications, and even how the files are systematically mimicked from Windows on how they are stored. If you'd like to know more, you can check this site www.linuxmint.com to see the features and packages Linux Mint can offer, and it's free of charge to download for its open-source accountability, pretty neat huh?