How To Choose Led Lighting

Are there some people such as facility managers, building owners, and the lighting specifier? I think yes. You wonder how they choose, right? I'll tell you.

LED surface mounted downlights lighting options depending on their unique characteristics, they are:

1. Directional Light Emission

Unlike all the instructions emissions of conventional light sources, LEDs emit glow hemispherically mounted on a flat cover, so they decrease wasted light.

2. Low Profile / Compact Size

The small size and directional light emission LEDs provide advanced prospects, low-profile, efficient lighting layout.

The parking light LED arrangement shown here is only 6 inches high, compared with metal halide fixtures typical parking garage almost 12 inches high. In the parking garage with a low ceiling, the difference six inches can be valuable.

For applications with reduced requirements led to light luminous flux, low profile LED advantages can be exploited to a greater extent. Under-, redundant, and in-cabinet LED lights can be very low-profile, sometimes a little more of the LED devices on the circuit board that attaches discreetly into the cabinet.

3. Damage Resistance

Traditional light sources are all based on quartz or glass envelope. Item damage is a simple fact of life in the light electric transportation, storage, handling, and installation. LED largely resistant to vibration because it does not have a filament or a glass enclosure.

the inherent vibration resistance LED may be useful in applications such as transport (planes, trains, automobiles), lighting and industrial equipment close, elevators and escalators, and light kit ceiling fan.