All You Need To Know About Wrongful Dismissal in Ontario

Legally, wrongful dismissal is an expression that means unfair termination from employment. There are a variety of reasons you could be wrongly dismissed. 

If you believe you were wrongly dismissed, it could be beneficial to talk to an employment lawyer in Ontario who handles the wrongful dismissal Employment department.

What does the 'Wrongful' in Wrongful Dismissal Really Mean?

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Here are a few examples.

Discrimination: It's true, discrimination is a crime that is still in existence. If you're among the many who have been dismissed because of their ethnicity, race or gender preference, age, then you could have a claim of unfair dismissal.

Retaliation: The law prohibits employers from having to terminate an employee as a result of an investigation into discrimination. The civil rights law shields employees against retaliation from the employer.

If your employer wants you to take part in unlawful activities, you are entitled to the right to decline to participate. The refusal of an employee to commit an Act that is illegal is a safeguard against being dismissed. It's always an excellent idea to obey the law. Therefore, you are not likely to be in prison.

If your employer has issued an official policy and they are required to adhere to the guidelines. You can file a lawsuit for wrongful termination if you've been dismissed without having followed the guidelines.

The most frequent breach occurs when an employee is fired without notice. Employers are required to provide you with notice before they allow you to leave. The only exception to this rule is when it is specified in the contract or if you are in the probationary period. Most employers must give at least three months' notice.