The Greatest Pros of Homeschooling

This article outlines my experiences as an individual who homeschools. Don't blame me by placing on the positives in this piece, and refraining from discussing the negatives of homeschooling. Every one of these subjects I'll discuss can be seen as a pro or a con, depending on how you think about it. Whatever way you look at it, I am grateful I was educated at home.

1. Parents

I can't emphasize enough the importance of parents having to play in the homeschooling process. Parents can be either the biggest negative or the best benefits of homeschooling, based on the amount of effort they devote to their children. If a parent is thinking of homeschooling, then this is the primary factor to think about. Do they have the time and desire to spend all the time they need with their kids? It's without doubt an all-time job. Parents who are looking forward to start homeschooling can get help through



2. Ability to move according to the child's pace

Another one of the pros of homeschooling for me was the ability to go at a pace that challenged me. As I went on in math my parents had me go a lot faster than I would have been able to in public school. In fact, I was about two years ahead of my grade level in math. In other areas such as writing, I was probably somewhat behind. This is large because I was not very motivated to do something that I didn't really like. Fortunately, my parents kept with me and I was getting A's and B's in my college writing. 

3.Children learn to master

Another advantage is that I learned how to learn. Let me explain, when you are in public school you are often just spoon-fed information and never learn how to learn without being spoon-fed. In fact, as I got to higher math, I pretty much taught myself. When it came to math I was very motivated because to me it was a test of how smart I was. I wanted to be and look smart. My parents let me go ahead and learn the material on my own and they would assign homework and have me do tests.