The Nutritional Composition Of The Beef Liver

The most common misconception is it is believed that livers store toxic substances. In reality the liver is a filter for toxic substances and stores minerals and vitamins.

For the majority of history, the liver has been favored over beef in many societies with strong health, considered to be an excellent source of power and a myriad of health-promoting abilities. You can click on add to cart option if you want to buy grass fed beef liver capsules.

 grass fed beef liver capsules

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The liver of beef is high in protein and is packed with vital minerals and vitamins. However, to benefit it must be derived from healthy, happy cows.

Organic 3 Beef Liver is grass-fed meat liver that is pure. not defatted, and as natural as it is. The cows that help produce Organic 3 Beef Liver are fed on pasture, and grazing on grass that is growing rapidly and grows from fertile soil.

These are the nutrients you will find in the liver of a beef animal (please keep in mind that as every one of them naturally occur levels of them in the Organic 3 Beef Liver Capsules can vary):

Vitamin B12: helps maintain healthy brain function as well as the development of red blood cells and DNA. 

Vitamin A: Helps maintain regular vision, reproductive, the heart, kidney and immunity. 

Copper: Helps in activates enzymes which help regulate the production of energy as well as iron metabolism and the brain's function.