Tips for Aerial Drone Footage

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If you’ve invested in a drone for the first time, congratulations. It’s the time where you can head out to capture some of the best landscape images to dramatic videos. Here are a few tips you should do that will allow you to capture some of the best footage out of your drone.

  1. Inspect your Drone – Before you place your bird in the sky, it is absolutely important to do a proper inspection. Make sure the remote and your smartphone are connected to one another. Ensure the propellers are fitted in the right spot. And finally, the drone is properly calibrated in order to ensure the drone stays stable upon lifting and does not sway side-to-side even though there is no wind.
  2. Adjust the Frame Rate – For cinematic looking shots, adjust the frame rate to 24fps. Avoid 30fps because this frame rate is used to shoot reality TV shows. If you have fast-moving objects such as a car or bike to shoot, then adjust the rate to 1080p at 60fps or 120fps.
  3. Consider the Light – Light plays a crucial role in giving that perfect cinematic shot while flying your drone. A pro tip would be to either fly before sunset or sunrise where the sun is on the mellow side allowing all the details to come out.
  4. Add Filters – In reality, drone cameras aren’t on the same level as the DSLRs. Moreover, the settings of the drone camera app may not favor your taste. A great alternative to this is to add a filter of your choice that will give you the best outcome.

Make sure you undergo drone training courses in order to fly your drone properly.