Towsons Bunion Surgery Allow For Improved Outcomes

Bunions refer to joint protrusions on the foot that typically appear at the base of the big toe, or at the top of the fifth toe (Tailor's bunion). These pressure points are generally the result of bone misalignments, leading to an abnormal joint position. In the case of joint malalignment, the big toe typically is bent towards the second toe (hallux valgus) and the fifth can turn towards the fourth. 

Pressure points that hurt could be created when the large joints meet the shoe or where the toes meet. Nerves may be compressed in these circumstances and cause intense foot pain, or even the sensation of numbness. Furthermore, when the joint is in poor alignment, the joint could become inflamed which could cause early arthritis, specifically at the toe's great joint. If you're finding the best podiatrist in Towson, MD or heel pain specialist browse online to consult them.

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Bunions can be found in families as an inherited foot type can lead one to joint malalignment as a result of poor biomechanics as well as foot structures. But, bunions can also develop because of a variety of causes such as arthritis, trauma, and neuromuscular diseases. 

Shoes that are not properly fitted have been linked to the early bunion development and could cause increased discomfort once the bunion is formed. Bunions can form at any time but early diagnosis is recommended to treat the symptoms and also slow the progression in the development of the bunion.