Two Places To Go To For Job Hunting

In the past, it was never an issue where to go for job hunting. For one reason or another though more and more people fresh out of college don't seem to know anymore where to look for jobs. Except for one additional main vacancy posting source, most of the sources have been around for some time.

The Internet

These days, you can find anything and everything online, including jobs. The easiest way to find a perfect fit is to use local job search sites or you can directly visit These provide you with positions close to home and you can tailor a search according to your preferred industry or to your specific qualifications.

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If you don't know any local employment websites, you can use a search engine. Simply type the industry of your choice, append the term "jobs" to it, add a "+" sign and then type the locality where you are situated. This should dish out several local vacancies to your liking.

You can also check popular companies that you dream of working for. Most high profile companies have career pages that are regularly updated for vacant positions.

Classified Ads

The oldest vacancy source in the world is the classified ads. Thankfully, despite the surge in internet dependents, this major goldmine of employment advertisements is still on its feet. In a lot of cases, applicants are least likely to encounter post scams especially if they apply only for advertised positions that clearly state the name of the company with the vacancy.