Types of Residential Plumbing

Residential homes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and shapes so it would be hard to categorize them all. This is why residential plumbing is categorized instead. There are two types of residential plumbing: branched and series home plumbing.

Each one brings water to the toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and tubs in a different way. Each has its benefits and concerns for a plumber. To determine which type you have in your home, a plumber can quickly test them. To get more details about residential plumbing services you may check it here.

residential plumbing services

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Branched residential plumbing

Although the system may have many different designs, they all share the same feature of cold and hot pipes going in different directions. A home in which the hot and cold water originate from the same source, but are separated for use on the first floor.

The hot and cold water then flows to the second floor. Although this residential plumbing system provides hot and cold water at far-off fixtures more efficiently, it can be more difficult for plumbers to repair.

Series home residential plumbing

This is the most basic method of residential plumbing. This system uses hot water from a hot-water heater and cold water from a ground source. Although the pipes are connected side by side, they are separate.

The pipes carry the hot and cool water to the fixture closest to them, and then the same pipes transport it to the next fixture. This system makes it easy for plumbers to spot leaks because it is so straightforward.