Use Truffle Salt in Your Cooking

Truffle salt isn't just for salty snacks anymore. In fact, it can make a great addition to your cooking repertoire. With a simple twist of your hand, you can create your own scrumptious hour's oeuvres for your family and friends. There's also a wide range of uses for truffle.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

If you're cooking on a low-fat or fat-free diet, then this is a great replacement for regular butter or cream cheese. You can top your baked goods (especially your popcorn) with it and have a scrumptious treat at the same time. While still tightly sealed in its container, the black truffle salt accents the butter, creating a warm earthy flavor all people know and love. Try it on eggs, too. Popcorn tastes great with salty butter and eggs!

A healthy alternative to the sugary, salty snacks you've been serving your kids is truffle oil. It tastes just like the real thing, only healthier. Real truffles have high levels of fat and salt, so using real truffles in your cooking gives you healthier food without the bad stuff really sticking to your food. The best truffle salt is real truffles, because of the fats and oils used in their production. If you look for gourmet grade truffle oil, you can be sure it contains no artificial ingredients, which is important if you want to use it in savory dishes.

You don't have to use only high-quality sea salt to create a healthy variation on snacks and desserts. Using an alternative salt like Himalayan sea salt can be just as flavorful, and healthier. There's no need to replace high-quality salt with the low-quality alternative. When you use Himalayan sea salt instead, you get salt with high mineral content, a higher than average concentration of calcium and magnesium, and an overall higher mineral content than the bulk sea salt on store shelves.

There are many health benefits to using Himalayan salt. High-quality Himalayan salt benefits contain a substance called "salt mineral" that contributes to healthy blood circulation. Salt is known to lower high blood pressure and stimulate heart function. Salt can also prevent atherosclerosis and stimulate arteries to widen, reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke.

Although most high-quality truffle salts are produced in France, Italy, and Switzerland, the United States produces some of the world's highest quality salts. Compared to their counterparts, U.S. salts have a much higher concentration of magnesium and calcium, making them more suitable for preparing foods that require these beneficial minerals. Some of the world's best salts also contain trace amounts of potassium, bromine, and iodine, which are all beneficial for your health.

In addition to the health benefits of this refined salt, it's also an excellent alternative to table salt. Many vegetarians and Vegans use it instead of regular table salt because it's not made from animals, which they claim to be cruel to animals. It's possible to find truffle salt's online or in specialty food stores, and there are even health food stores that have it on hand.

The main reason to use truffle salt in your cooking is because of its earthy aroma. This earthy aroma comes from the sulfur compounds contained in the salt's chemical composition. The scent of the salt will linger in your nostrils longer and stronger than other types of salts, and many people report a unique, somewhat addictive quality to the smell. To get the most out of your cooking, think about pairing it with ingredients that will counteract its earthy flavor like cloves or onions.