Using Instagram Effects for Your Business

Instagram effects is a new way for businesses to gain following on the platform. These Instagram effects change the quality of your images. This is useful for users trying to maintain certain branding throughout their feed. Instagram effects is a great way to build your brand aesthetic and provide you with an easy way to edit images right on the platform. You can also know about Instagram effects via online. 

With the help of Instagram effects and custom instagram stickers you can add superimpose elements to your images and make your stories more impressive.  They work similarly to the Instagram face filters that we’re familiar with.

These custom Instagram stickers are best to spread brand awareness of your business. They can give you puppy ears, draw rainbows on your forehead, give you sunglasses, add balloons or hearts in the background.

Here are a few examples of how custom AR filters could leverage your brand:

  • Show off your brand’s personality

  • Connect with your audience

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Be ahead of the curve

Building a filter can be complicated, but the difficulty depends on how elaborate your idea is. If you want to stick to something easy, you can create a lot of 2D effects in Spark AR that won’t require you to animate anything or spend hours on end trying to figure things out