What Are Memorial Cards?

Memorial Cards are a small deeply personal keepsake of a loved one that you can keep by you always.

The most popular Memorial Card sizes are:

  1. Single Panel A7: 74mm wide x 105mm tall

  2. Four-Panel A7: with each page or panel measuring 74mm wide x 105mm tall.

What makes them so personal is that they can carry any information you wish to include – space allowing, of course. You can also get your printing done with the help of professionals from the company of Memorial Cards in Dublin.

Typically, there will be a photograph of the deceased and a short poem or passage of text which was special to them. Or … something deeply personal which reminds you of any special memories you hold so dear.

Single panel A7 Memorial Cards only offer you limited space for content.

However, 4-page A7 Memorial Cards provide double the space and much greater freedom to add more details of your loved one and why you hold such special memories close to heart.

But how long will these wonderful keepsakes last before they start to look worn and tatty?

Typically, Memorial Cards will be kept in a purse or wallet and can, over time, be subject to a great deal of wear and scuffing.

Even cards printed on heavyweight 350gsm board will become scuffed over time so take care to choose a supplier offering laminated Memorial Cards.

Laminated cards have a thin film applied after printing which is trimmed back to the edge of the cards. This can’t prevent moisture from getting in from the sides but are the best protection to prevent surface scuffing as they rub against other items.