What to Consider When Choosing an FBA Prep Service

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) will allow you to free up warehouse space, meet the fulfillment requirements to be on Amazon Prime, and improve customer service and account health by taking advantage of Amazon’s services.

However, using FBA means preparing packages for FBA, paying Amazon’s fees to do it for you, or paying a third-party FBA prep service. You can also check out here to get more information about FBA prep in Canada.

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While many FBA prep centers will claim to offer the best or the lowest price, you often have to consider factors unique to your business.


Some sellers prefer to choose sales-tax-free or low-cost ports for locations when shipping directly to Amazon from overseas. However, if you’re moving your own merchandise, you may want to choose a warehouse as close as possible to your own to reduce shipping costs.


Pricing is a crucial part of any eCommerce service, but it’s important to pay attention to costs based on volume and needs. 

FBA Transport offers bespoke pricing based on services you need, which can save you a great deal if your supplier is already handling most FBA prep.

3.Storage Facilities 

It’s important to pay attention to what you need based on your sales velocity, minimum order quantity from your supplier, and total costs of maintaining inventory yourself, storing it at FBA, or paying for storage at a prep center.

An FBA prep service can save you a great deal of over-investing in importing, inspecting, processing, labeling, and shipping inventory to Amazon yourself.