Why Organic Almond Oil Is Your Skin And Hair Saviour This Winter

Winter is a time when moisture is crucial. The harsh winter conditions and wind chill can dry out the skin, leaving pores open to the elements. Wearing winter skin can result in chapped and cracked skin that is both unsightly as well as painful. You can moisturize your skin by using a nightly moisturizer, such as organic Almond oil.

organic almond oil

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 Organic Almond oil has many benefits for your skin, hair, nails and other areas.

Natural Cleanser

Organic Almond oil won’t leave your skin greasy when you wash your face.  Organic Almond oil can be used to cleanse your skin and add vitamins to it. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin to remove toxins and dead skin cells. It also adds vitamins and moisture to the skin. You'll notice a rapid and thorough removal of gunk if you work outside and/or use makeup.

Dry Skin Relief

Organic Almond oil is the most suitable oil for winter skin, but it is best for dry skin.  Organic Almond oil has fatty acids that reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin. They also heal chapped, reddening skin and irritated skin. Organic Almond oil, and all carrier oils, are gentle but effective. Winter is not the time to give your skin a harsh sting.